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Closed for Winter
   Director: James Bogle, Goalpost Pictures, Rated M, 85 Minutes

Talented Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia makes her leading actress debut in Australian director James Bogle’s heart-rending movie Closed for Winter.
   Based on Georgia Blain’s acclaimed novel of the same name, Bogle’s adaptation is essentially a visual rendering of a tragedy that took place some 20 years ago.
   Two sisters, Elise and Frances head to a suburban beach in Adelaide where Frances (Danielle Catanzariti, Hey, Hey It's Esther Blueburger) suddenly disappears.
   She leaves Elise (played with great feeling by Natalie Imbruglia) and her mother Dorothy (Deborah Kennedy) behind, both of whom are distraught and longing for her return 20 years later.
   Bogle’s emotion-charged drama is the story of two women trying to come to terms with an inexplicable tragedy and how to pick up the pieces of their lives.
   It is also about the faith and power that everyone has inside them, especially the power to heal oneself.
   Through the use of flashbacks, it appears as if Frances continues to have a ghostly presence with the two people who loved her the most, but are now forced to live their lives without knowing what actually happened to her.
   Despite impressive performances from Imbruglia as Elise and Catanzariti as Frances, Bogle appears to falter in his lack of character development.
   The movie is also ‘slow going’ as it nears a climax - the introduction of the family doctor (Tony Martin) who has some startling secrets to reveal after 20 years of concealment.
   Having set his movie in the beautiful city of Adelaide, Bogle has painted a somewhat gloomy picture that offers unsatisfactory revelations to a lingering loss - leaving it to the audience to decide if these well-guarded secrets will provide the real answers to Frances’ disappearance, and ultimately, closure to both Elise and her mother.

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