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Capitalism-A Love Story
   Director: Michael Moore, Paramount Vantage, Rated M, 127 Minutes

In his latest movie, ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’, the intrepid documentary filmmaker Michael Moore (who won an academy award in 2002 for ‘Bowling for Columbine’) attempts to demystify what economics and capitalism really mean to the vast majority of Americans.
   Moore's focus is more basic in that the US capitalist system is also political and therefore questions whether it is or has become “the American way of life.” For all the anger and sense of wrong associated with the “taxpayer" bailouts of Wall Street investment bankers, the foreclosures, and the skyrocketing American unemployment, Moore’s movie hits the mark but probably not as effectively as did his earlier documentary feature 'Fahrenheit 9/11’ (made in 2004) which clearly went a long way to embarrassing former President George W Bush’s foreign policies.
   In this movie, there is a greater focus on American values and in order to get some impartial answers Moore goes to the Catholic priest who married him and his wife, including their bishop, all of whom declare that capitalism advocates values that are un-Christian. It is at this point that the story starts to get more interesting when he poses the question as to whether capitalism is compatible with Christianity.
   Moore also believes he was proved right when the financial meltdown hit in 2008-that this was a sign that greed was destroying America, noting that Bush had earlier made a speech touting the capitalist system while Obama during his campaign made mention about sharing the wealth that led the opposition to accusing him of being a socialist.
   It is clear that Moore is once again challenging the ‘system’ and in this case, the appropriateness of the capitalist system in modern day America, posing such questions as what becomes of capitalism when you remove regulation. And, who actually controls the United States Government-the top 1% or the bottom 95%? When the markets crashed last year and the banks cried foul, where was the oversight by the elected officials regarding the bailout funds?
   These are the questions, with some answers, that make Moore's documentary effective and engaging. At the same time, while reflecting upon the past, Moore is also asking the audience an important question: what is America going to do about it in the future?
   Regrettably, by the end of his movie Moore does not provide any real solutions to his concerns on fixing the capitalist system afflicting his country, and like any love story that faces challenges, it takes more than idealism and Moore’s publicity stunts (depicted in the movie) to overcome the real problems.
VIC'S VERDICT:       3 Rubber Stamps

DVD Releases
Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
   Release Date: 11 November 2009
   Director: Klay Hall, Rated G, 80 mins

Disney’s most beloved Fairy, Tinker Bell, returns in an all new magical adventure titled ‘Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure’ in a special Blu-ray Hi-Def Combo Pack and DVD.
   This time around Tinker Bell ventures beyond her beloved Pixie Hollow on an enchanted journey to find a new moonstone, the source of the Pixies magical dust, encountering many exciting challenges along the way. The plot is more engaging and more suspenseful-with a greater number of action sequences than seen in the original ‘Tinker Bell’ movie.
   At the same time there is more of a focus on the relationship between Tinker Bell and Terence which only contributes to the wonderful storyline. Tinker Bell herself is also presented as a more versatile character and the fact that she talks actually adds to the pleasure of watching this delightful DVD.
   However the most important advantage in owning one of Disney’s favourite DVDs is being able to enjoy the superb animation, the beautiful blend of pristine colours as well as the likeable characters that makes watching ‘Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure’ an unforgettable experience.
   As part of the special Blu-ray/ DVD package there is a captivating array of bonus features including:
  • Fairy Bloopers-Fairies make mistakes too;
  • Magical Guide to Pixie Hollow-Explore the magical guide to Pixie Hollow;
  • Pixie Preview-Exclusive animated vignette featuring Tinker Bell and her friends;
  • Deleted scenes with filmmaker intros;
  • Pixie Hollow comes to Florida-Discover how the filmmakers help transform Epcot Centre into Pixie Hollow;
  • Outtakes-Never before seen scenes;
  • Music and more-The Gift of a Friend music video with Demi Lovato
VIC'S VERDICT:       5 Rubber Stamps

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