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The Blind Side
   Director: John Lee Hancock, Warner Bros, Rated PG, 128 mins

Miss Congeniality herself, Sandra Bullock, has deservedly won the Best Actress Award at this year’s Oscars for her brilliant portrayal of feisty American, Leigh Anne Tuohy, in this heart-warming and inspirational sports drama.
   Based on the book by Michael Lewis, The Blind Side-Evolution of a Game, and written and directed by John Lee Hancock (whose earlier movie The Rookie featured around baseball), The Blind Side is the true story of an abandoned African American teenager,
Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), who is taken in by affluent Leigh Anne and her compassionate family comprising husband Sean (country singer Tim McGraw), daughter Collins (Lily Collins) and son S.J (Jae Head).
   In adapting Oher’s story to the screen Hancock begins with the teenager’s impoverished upbringing, through his years at Wingate Christian School in the Southern State of Tennessee, his adoption by the Tuohy family and onto his position as one of the most highly sought after prospects in American college football.
   Despite including some football scenes and using a number of American football terms such as the ‘blind side’ (some of which may be unfamiliar to an Australian audience), Hancock’s well written script is clearly focused on the progression of ‘big Mike’ and his relationship with the Tuohy family, especially with Leigh Anne who takes him under her wing to ensure he achieves his potential as a star football player.
   Besides Michael’s personal interaction with the Tuohy family it is the many poignant scenes between the two main characters (Leigh Anne and Michael) that are a particular highlight of Hancock’s impressive direction, defying racial prejudice and revealing a unique relationship that has developed between them.
   To show the authenticity of his storyline Hancock adds a wonderful touch by providing a photographic montage at the end of his movie showing the real Michael Oher with the Tuohy family.
   There is no doubt that The Blind Side is a movie not to be missed with a truly inspiring storyline complemented by an academy award winning performance from the talented Sandra Bullock.
VIC'S VERDICT:       4 Rubber Stamps

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