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The Bounty Hunter
   Director: Andy Tennant, Columbia Pictures, Rated PG, 108 mins

Encapsulating the theme in the tagline ‘Taking your ex to jail - best job ever’, in his latest romantic comedy The Bounty Hunter, director Andy Tennant draws on a western (cowboy) title to fashion a storyline that lacks any real humour and is unable to replicate any of the funny situations seen in his earlier movies such as Fool’s Gold and Hitch.
   The two main stars are Gerald Butler (300 and The Ugly Truth) and Jennifer Aniston (Friends).
   Butler play Milo Boyd, a former police detective turned bounty hunter while Aniston plays reporter Nicole Hurley– Milo’s ex-wife.
   Butler reprises his macho role from The Ugly Truth with his character getting his dream job of tracking down his bail-jumping ex-wife Nicole - at the same time reaping an easy reward.
   Instead Nicole gives Milo the slip so she can follow up on a lead involving a murder conspiracy.
   This makes Milo realise nothing has ever been simple with him and Nicole.
   What ensues is a series of one-upmanship until both find themselves on the run for their lives.
   The story is not helped by a weak script or by the constant flipping between the ex-spousal bickering, glimpses of temporary reconciliations and the pursuit of a dangerous killer and gambling debt collectors.
   Despite a few entertaining scenes it is the lack of chemistry between Butler and Aniston that is the real problem, with both performances being uncharacteristically flat - especially from Butler who should in future avoid doing comedic roles.
   The one performance that was enjoyable came from Nicole’s mother Kitty, played by the delightful Christine Baranski (Mamma Mia).
   It is no wonder there were less than a handful of people in the cinema.
VIC'S VERDICT:       2 Rubber Stamps

DVD Release
Planet 51
   Release date: 7 April
   Director: Jorge Blanco, Sony Pictures, Rated PG, 91 mins

Sony’s soon to be released DVD Planet 51 is the first animated feature film from Ilion Animation Studios.
   Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson voices American astronaut Chuck Baker who lands on what was thought to be uninhabited planet only to plant the American flag right in the middle of an alien family barbeque.
   The planet is actually home to little green aliens with pointed ears and antennae whose society is reminiscent of 1950s America.
   The inhabitants of Planet 51 become paranoid when Chuck lands his ship, causing them to fear an alien invasion of humans and resulting in the military being called in, led by General Grawl (Gary Oldman). 
   Chuck is forced to flee and meets Lem (Justin Long) a local kid who hides Chuck until he can decide how to get him back to his ship and off the planet.
   The cast also includes Jessica Biel as Lems’s love interest Neera, and Monty Python’s John Cleese in a hilarious role as a nutty professor.
   The references to 1950s America as well as the UFO frenzy and sci-fi movies is quite funny but may be lost on some younger kids although most viewers will enjoy the pop culture of that era.
   Planet 51 is pure fantasy containing many comical situations and is complemented by wonderful performances from both Johnson and Oldman.
   A special mention to the computer generated robot ‘Rover’, reminiscent of Wall-E.
   In particular the animation by Ilion is first rate with dazzling colours of the beautiful planet and its unique inhabitants.
   This DVD is great fun for young and old and a must in any home movie collection, incorporating special featurettes such as Life on Planet 51 and Planetarium-The Voice Stars of Planet 51 as well as some extended scenes.
VIC'S VERDICT:       3 ½ Rubber Stamps

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