Kick Ass
   Director: Matthew Vaughn, Lionsgate, Rated MA, 117 mins

After his creative direction of Stardust in 2007 it is somewhat disappointing to see Matthew Vaughn’s next movie with such a confronting title and infantile storyline.
   Having adapted his movie from a comic novel by Mark Miller the story is based on a fanciful premise that it is possible for someone without powers or training to become a superhero.
   It goes on to show if said person actually encountered a real ‘superhero’ then he must be prepared to indulge in excessive acts of extreme violent behaviour-as demonstrated by an eleven year old girl acting as one of the superheros.
   Dave Lizewski (played by the likeable British actor Aaron Johnson) is such a person, an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with few friends who lives with his father (Garrett M. Brown).
   His mundane life is changed when he decides to become a superhero.  He calls himself Kick Ass and dons a green and yellow costume.
   However with each attempt at being a crime fighter he ends up in hospital.
   Lizewski soon meets up with two genuine superheros in the form of Hit Girl, whose alter ego is eleven year old Mindy Macready (Chloe Grace Moretz), and her father Damon (Nicolas Cage, Knowing) who is known as Big Daddy.
   Together they go after a real criminal - crime baron Frank D’Amico (played by Sherlock Holmes star Mark Strong).
   Even though Vaughn has included two well-known actors (Cage and Strong) in his ensemble cast it is unlikely that either the theme or storyline will impress many in the audience.
   Vaughn may have intended his movie to be a satire on superheros but has actually made his dark comedy into an excessively violent movie that many may find repulsive and sickening- resulting in the imposition of a MA rating.
   What is more surprising is to see such a movie-which is certainly not for the fainthearted or even suitable for children- being released during the school holiday season.
VIC'S VERDICT:       2 Rubber Stamps

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