Date Night
   Director: Shawn Levy, 20th Century Fox, Rated M, 88 mins

Following his huge success with both of ‘The Night at the Museum’ movies, director Shawn Levy’s latest release is a delightful romantic comedy involving a married couple Phil and Claire Foster (played by Steve Carell and Tina Fey-two of television’s leading comedic actors from ‘The Office’ and ‘30 Rock’) whose intention to have a romantic night out turns out to be anything but in a sequence of disastrous events.
   In their attempts to rekindle the romantic side of their mundane marriage Phil invites his wife Claire on a special date at a highly expensive restaurant at which he steals the reservation belonging to another couple, assumes the identity of the Tripplehorns, as a result of which the pair are caught up in pursuits from corrupt cops and unscrupulous members of the mob, all because of a small computer chip.
   Despite this film lasting only 88 minutes, Levy has still been able to pack in a good number of hilarious situations (thanks to a well written dialogue by Josh Klausner) that should make most people laugh - enjoying especially the wonderful interactions and one-liners between Carell and Fey as the hapless married couple.
   There is also a particularly amusing performance from ‘movie hunk’ Mark Wahlberg (‘Max Payne’) appearing as the constantly shirtless security expert Holbrooke (much to the annoyance of Carell) who in his preparedness to assist the Fosters is caught up in the middle of their frantic escapades.
   And of course one cannot overlook the brief but funny appearance from James Franco (‘Spiderman’) and Mila Kunis (‘Max Payne’) as the real Tripplehorns.
   With Carell and Fey in top form, this is one date that should deliver plenty of laughs - provided you maintain your identity!

VIC'S VERDICT:       3 ½ Rubber Stamps

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