Hot Tub Time Machine
   Director: Steve Pink, MGM, Rated MA, 99 mins

As the title implies this ridiculous comedy from director Steve Pink (whose other comedy feature was ‘Accepted’ in 2006) is about four men in a hot tub that turns out to be a time machine and transports them back to the 1980s.
   Lifelong friends Adam (John Cusack, 2012) and Nick (Craig Robinson) together with Adam's young nephew, Jacob (Clark Duke) decide to take their suicidal friend Lou (Rob Corddry) back to their favourite ski resort that they frequented in their late teens.
   After arriving at the resort and using their hot tub for the first time they soon discover they have been sent back in time to 1986.
   What is more, all three-middle aged buddies are back in the bodies of their teenage selves while the yet-to-be-born nephew (Jacob) flickers in and out of existence as the chances of his conception grow slimmer.
   Acting on the advice of a mysterious hot tub repairman (played by comedy veteran Chevy Chase) the buddies agree to follow the exact same routine they did some 24 years ago so they can get back to their future.
    Pink has endeavoured to make his movie symbolic of the time period of the 80s through the hairstyles, the music and the slang while replicating the time travelling plot line from the popular Back to the Future movies.
   He even has one of the actors from that trilogy, Crispin Grover, play a one-armed bellhop in Hot Tub Time Machine.
   Besides a brief appearance from funny man Chevy Chase the only other acknowledged actor is Cusack but even his performance could be considered to be inconsequential in the scheme of things.
   Despite a few funny scenes Pink’s attempt to try and imitate the overrated comedy sequences in The Hangover only results in his movie deteriorating into a series of crude behaviour and humour that would appeal only to a limited few ensuring that most intelligent people would avoid getting into this hot tub!
VIC'S VERDICT:       2 Rubber Stamps

Old Dogs
   Release date: 19 May
   Director: Walt Becker, Walt Disney Pictures, Rated PG, 88 mins

Disney’s soon to be released DVD is a fun filled comedy from comedic director Walt Becker and starring the ‘old dogs’ themselves - Charlie played by John Travolta and Dan portrayed by Robin Williams.
   Charlie and Dan are two businessmen and long-time best friends.
   Their relationship and their impending negotiations with an important Japanese company are put in jeopardy when Dan's ex-partner Vicki (Kelly Preston) has to go to jail for a few weeks and contacts him to help check in on her two kids (in reality Dan’s kids as well) while she is away.
   This situation is further exacerbated when Dan is forced to look after the kids himself - with some unenthusiastic help from Charlie.
   Besides an amusing plot, the surprise element of this movie is that it is actually very funny.
   And not withstanding the wonderful performances from Travolta and Williams are those of the supporting cast including Matt Dillon, Seth Green, and the late Bernie Mac.
   But it is the inclusion of two of the screen’s superstars (Travolta and Williams) and the hilarious situations they generate that makes this DVD worth owning.
   The DVD and Blu-ray editions are packed with special features including audio commentary by director Walt Becker, funny bloopers, deleted scenes and a music video from the movie.

VIC'S VERDICT:       4 Rubber Stamps

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