Knight and Day
   Director: James Mangold, 20th Century Fox, Rated M, 109 mins

‘Walk the Line’ director James Mangold’s latest release is a fun filled, light hearted action comedy.
   Full of spills and thrills, the movie brings together again action ‘hero’ Tom Cruise (Valkyrie) and the beautiful Charlie’s Angels superstar Cameron Diaz after their initial pairing in Vanilla Sky (2001).
   It is clear from the many action sequences in the movie that Cruise is endeavouring to reprise his Mission Impossible character by playing secret agent Roy Miller.
   Miller happens to bump into June Havens (Diaz) at the airport, en route to her sister’s wedding but her encounter with Miller is not exactly accidental. 
   Havens is used by Miller (whose name is actually Matthew Knight) to get a secret battery device (code-named Zephyr) that everybody wants past airport security.
   She soon discovers that the charming and mysterious Miller is a ruthless spy who disposes of his assassins without any qualms and is being hotly pursued by both the ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ alike.
   One of the ‘bad guys’ who actually works for the same agency as Miller is rival agent Fitzgerald played by Rendition star Peter Sarsgaard, with the other being Antonio, an international arms dealer portrayed by Spanish actor Jordi Molla (Che).
   Thanks to some careful direction, Mangold has managed to intersperse the brisk action with a number of enjoyable (and often hilarious) scenes featuring the two lead stars.
   In particular, the chemistry between Cruise and Diaz is a real pleasure which is further complemented by some wonderful international settings.
   The downside would have to be some of the editing and an illogical plot not to mention a few unbelievable scenes such as the motorbike ride by Cruise and Diaz amidst the running of the bulls in Spain.
   Overall, ‘Knight and Day’ is an entertaining movie, containing plenty of funny situations that are a delight to watch, especially the scenes featuring Cruise and Diaz.
VIC'S VERDICT:       3 ½ Rubber Stamps

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