Director: Jason Winer, Warner Bros, Rated M, 110 Mins

As is becoming the current trend in the rehashing of past movies (such as The Karate Kid and The Mechanic) Jason Winer’s remake of Arthur is one that is just a farce and comes nowhere near the quality of the original smash hit comedy made in 1981 that starred the lovable Dudley Moore in the classic comedy role.
   Instead Winer (in his directorial debut) has chosen (of all actors) Russell Brand (Get him to the Greek) to portray the wealthy playboy drunk Arthur Bach and academy award winning actress Helen Mirren (The Queen) to play his caring nanny Hobson (as opposed to Sir John Gielgud in the original version) in what must be a poles apart pairing of the two leading characters.
   To add further disappointment to his production Winer has cast the Alias TV star Jennifer Garner to play the ‘hard to get’ Susan - the girl Arthur must marry if he wants to inherit his family’s fortune despite his interest in the unfancied Naomi (Greta Gerwig).
   It is quite clear after watching the 2011 version of Arthur that Winer should never have chosen Brand for the lead role as his portrayal is simply pathetic and an affront to Dudley Moore’s great performance.
   In addition Winer should have stuck to the original storyline of having a butler in the mould of a John Gielgud instead of miscasting the delightful actress Helen Mirren as Arthur’s nanny.
    Fortunately for those who do not like this remake it is comforting to know that the original is available on DVD.
VIC'S VERDICT:       1 Rubber Stamp

Just Go With It
   Director: Dennis Dugan, Columbia Pictures, Rated M, 117 Mins

Well known comedic director Dennis Dugan has again collaborated with funny man Adam Sandler (appearing recently in Dugan’s hilarious movie Grown-Ups) in his light hearted romantic comedy about a man who hasn’t quite grown-up.
   Sandler plays Danny, a plastic surgeon who enjoys coming onto young women by pretending he is married at the same time as saying that he is being mistreated by his wife in order to gain their sympathy.
Just Go With It
   But his approach comes undone when he falls for the attractive Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) and she finds his (pretend) wedding ring.
   The fun really begins when Palmer insists on meeting his wife after Danny tells her that he is actually in the process of divorcing her.
   In order to comply with Palmer’s demands Danny convinces his assistant Katherine (wonderfully played by The Bounty Hunter star Jennifer Aniston) and her two children - after agreeing to take everyone to Hawaii - to pose as his family where she encounters a former school friend adversary Devlin Adams (Australia’s Nicole Kidman).
   In between his fascination for Palmer and the lies, Katherine begins to see Danny in a more romantic light.
   Even though this is not one of Sandler’s better performances, Aniston’s character does shine in more ways than one amidst the beautiful Hawaiian background in what is an entertaining “chick flick”.
   Despite such flaws as Danny’s cousin Eddie (Nick Swardson) giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to a sheep, Dugan still manages to extract a good deal of laughter from his movie so “just go with it”.
VIC'S VERDICT:       3 Rubber Stamps

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