Director: Heitor Dhalia, Hopscotch Films, Rated MA, 117 mins

Much to the surprise of many in the audience this terrifying but tense thriller from Brazilian director Heitor Dhalia (Adrift) has turned out to be an entertaining experience that is filled with a number of suspenseful moments, mainly orchestrated by lead actor Amanda Seyfried who earlier appeared as the bubbly Sophie in the popular musical movie Mamma Mia.
   This time around Seyfried plays paranoid character Jill Parish, a kidnap victim who escapes her captor and two years later is convinced that the serial killer has in fact returned, believing he has now abducted her sister Molly (Emily Wickersham- I Am Number Four) who has suddenly gone missing.
   After appealing to police officer Powers (Daniel Sunjata- One for the Money) who tells her that she is imagining things again, Jill decides to take matters into her own hands, driving around her Portland surroundings and determined to find the killer herself. But time is running out for Jill with the police ordered to apprehend her once learning that she has a gun at her disposal and has used it to extract information.
   This still does not deter her, resulting in Jill encountering her would killer in a remote forest location-one of the movie’s most frightening scenes.
   Dhalia has done a pretty good job in providing the range of suspenseful atmospherics and this is complimented by Seyfried’s convincing performance, with no other actor worth mentioning.
   With such an interesting storyline one will certainly hurry to see this movie before it is gone from the big screen.
VIC'S VERDICT:       3 ½ Rubber Stamps

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