Men in Black 3

   Director: Barry Sonnenfield, Sony Pictures, Rated M, 106 mins

With a few of the movie franchises there are some sequels that are dismal failures.
   But 10 years after making Men in Black 2 director Barry Sonnenfield’s Men in Black 3 is actually an amusing and entertaining sci-fi comedy that has a refreshing storyline as well as the added feature of time travel not to mention the return of the lead stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, reprising their recurring roles as agents J and K from the covert Men In Black organisation who patrol the universe with their neutralisers and special space guns in their campaign to rid the Earth of all alien activity.
Men in Black 3
   MIB 3 begins with the sudden escape from his maximum security prison on the moon of the one armed extra-terrestrial killing machine Boris the Animal (NZ actor Jemaine Clement-Dinner for Schmucks) who travels back in time to the 60’s to kill agent K (who he blames for losing his arm and imprisoning him in the first place) and prepare for the destruction of the world.
   To save his partner and the Earth, agent J also takes a leap into the past, teaming up with a younger agent K (Josh Brolin-True Grit) to stop Boris from achieving his aims.
   Unlike the earlier ‘Men in Black’ movies that included a somewhat non-sensical storyline and some over the top aliens, Sonnenfield has on this occasion made a comical sequel with a brand new story that includes plenty of action and laughs, mainly due to the comedic performances of Brolin and Smith.
   He has also introduced a number of new characters starting with Brolin’s brilliant performance as the younger stone-faced agent K providing a remarkable resemblance to his older namesake, Clement portraying the outrageous villain Boris the Animal, and Emma Thompson Nanny McPhee) playing their new boss agent O.
   With such a combination of aliens, characters and special effects, Sonnenfield has delivered his franchise’s best effort to date.

VIC'S VERDICT:         3 ½ Rubber Stamps

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