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Trade school

Great news from Victoria this week of a special jobs program launched to encourage young women to sign up to learn a trade.

Aimed at teenage girls in their final years of high school, the plan is to redress a gender imbalance in the State's ranks of apprentices and tradespeople.

But if the State's Minister for Skills has been quoted correctly, getting the gender right could become quite an imbalancing act.

"Fewer than 10 per cent of traditional apprentices were currently women," the Minister intoned in his official statement.

He did not elaborate on how many of them he thought might be something else in future.


Lingo dancing

More tantalising entries in our lumbering language competition with Rhonda B of the Australian Antarctic Division going in to bat for one hard-working word burdened under the weight of five different meanings.

"I have been on the hunt for the single word in the English language that has the highest number of unrelated meanings," Rhonda wrote.

"The best I've come up with so far is 'tip', with at least 5."

According to Rhonda, a 'tip' can mean (1) to hint or drop a clue; (2) to tip to one side; (3) the tip of something like an iceberg; (4) a children's chasing game; and (5) a garbage dump.

Great work Rhonda so a fabulous PS News book prize is on its way.

But wait - there's more!

Rhonda has thrown down the gauntlet.

"I'd love to hear if anyone has come up with a word that matches or exceeds," she challenged.

So it's over to you dear Reader.

Your suggestions of English words with five or more unrelated meanings can be sent to where they will be joyfully accepted with book prizes galore for the best and wisest.

Good luck.


Locked in

To Rama Gaind's bookshelf-busting book giveaway this week which challenged readers to name the company run by Justin Fankhauser to go in the running to win one of three copies of his Confessions of a Locksmith.

The answer was TopLock Locksmiths and the lucky winners were Rebecca C of the Federal Department of Social Services; Fergus O of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines and Duncan G of Geoscience Australia.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to the many who took part.

Rama's giveaway this week is another book so be sure to try your luck here.

Good luck


Talent judged

And while basking in the glory of the fabulously talented book prize winners, the judges were also moved to congratulate them on their skill.

Apparently the vast majority of entrants picked up on the unexpected capital 'L' in the middle of the one-word name TopLock.

"We were so impressed by the observation skills of PS News readers", one of the eminent judges remarked.

So, well done to everybody.

It just shows that being able to read is a handy skill if you want to be a PS News reader!


Penny dreadful

And finally, the penny has finally dropped in England with the nation accepting that as a member of the European Union it should adopt the Union's single currency, the Euro and all it stands (or sits) for.

As a result, many traditional sayings have taken their last breath, not least of which is the popular euphemism "Spending a Penny."

"Spending a Penny is not to be used after 31 December 2014 by any of the citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland." an allegedly official decree decreed.

"From that date forward, the correct term will be...... (wait for it!)......



Till next week......


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