APSC issues disability employment guide

A guide for Australian Public Service (APS) managers, senior leaders and human resources practitioners aims to assist with the employment of people with disability who are unlikely to be able to compete in an open merit selection process.
  The guide, produced by the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC), states that people with disability represent a diverse group with a range of impairments, including physical, intellectual, learning, sensory and neurological.
  The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) definition of people with disability is ‘if they have a limitation, restriction or impairment, which has lasted, or is likely to last, for at least six months and restricts everyday activities’, the guide says.
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“The severity and type of a person's disability is reflected in their ability to participate in the labour force. For example, people with intellectual disability, stroke or brain injury have around a 35 per cent labour force participation rate. Compare that to people without disability (83 per cent) and [overall] people with disability (53 per cent),” the guide stated.
  “State of the Service data suggests that the APS has a lower rate of employment of people with disability (2.9 per cent officially disclosed, seven per cent through the APS-wide employee confidential census), compared to the working age population with disability (14.4 per cent).”
  The guide stated that some managers might think that it was someone else's job to ensure the APS reflected the community it served, but every decision added up.
The APSC said the guide was about recruitment using a Disability Employment Services provider to select a person who was unlikely to be able to compete on merit due to a disability The person did not have to have a specific type of impairment.
In 2010, the Public Service Commissioner made a direction to provide for the employment of a person who was unlikely to be able to compete on merit, without going to an open competitive merit process,” the APSC said.
  “This streamlines recruitment for the APS Agency and gives a person from a disadvantaged group new chances at employment in the APS.”
  The full guide can be accessed at this PS News link.
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