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Labor’s spending cuts in its last 16 months in office were largely borne by Defence and Human Services, with the two Departments shedding nearly 1,400 workers, new figures show.
  The Canberra Times reported that a detailed breakdown of the figures showed that Defence, Human Services and the Tax Office, the Government's three largest Departments, accounted for more than half the 3,353 Public Service redundancies between July 2012 and October 2013.
  Finance Department data supplied to a Senate Estimates Committee showed the Defence Department with 764 redundancies and Veteran's Affairs with 60. The two Departments lost about three per cent of their workers, the newspaper reported.
Two Departments bear brunt
Most other Agencies reported redundancies of between one and two per cent.
  Minister for Defence, David Johnston has signalled his determination for more cuts, saying 23,000 Public Servants in Defence, 9,700 of them in Canberra, was ''too heavy''.
  The 633 redundancies reported by Human Services were part of a downsizing that saw the Department's head-count shrink by at least 3,300. Up to 1,200 of the casualties were temporary workers drafted in to try to ease the Department's customer service crisis. They were then dismissed with no entitlement to redundancy payments.
  The ATO reported 317 redundancies during Labor's last 16 months, a figure dwarfed by the 900 job cuts planned for this financial year and the 200 positions to be lost by the abolition of the Australian Valuation Office.
  A total of 60 more redundancies were officially notified late last week, with the axe falling, again, on the Department of the Environment.
  About 40 more jobs are to go, mostly Canberra-based officials, joining another 50 whose redundancies were announced earlier in the week.
  The pain may not be over at Environment, with a spokesman saying an ''internal review'' was still under way.
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