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New report tunes into broadcasting concerns

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has released a report following its inquiry into matters that should be addressed in the broadcasting codes of practice.

Chairman of ACMA, Chris Chapman said the report gave an overview of information gathered and an indication of the directions emerging from the process.

"Input to the inquiry suggested a high level of consensus about the matters that are of real concern to the community," Mr Chapman said.

"It signalled significant scope for fewer, simpler and more effective ways to provide safeguards for broadcasting content."

The inquiry was originally expected to make recommendations for future codes of practice reviews, but ACMA has postponed further work on the inquiry.

Scope for more effective safeguards

This decision was made after reflecting on the broader broadcasting policy environment, Mr Chapman said.

The evidence in the report can be added to existing discussions about the future of broadcasting regulation in Australia, as well as upcoming industry code reviews.

He said ACMA held a series of public citizen conversations, and received more than 50 written submissions and 500 social media comments.

New ACMA economic and community research supporting the inquiry had also been released, Mr Chapman said.

The economic research sought information from industry participants on key costs of current broadcasting codes.

The community research sought citizen views on a range of matters including the usefulness of classification and time zones in protecting children from inappropriate program content and the importance of accuracy in news and current affairs content.

It also looked at the acceptability of integrated advertising, such as product placement, in different program genres.

The Contemporary community safeguards inquiry: Consolidated report, as well as the economic and community research, are available at this PS News link.

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