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New Agency template for low-risk grants

The Department of Finance has developed a new whole-of-Government grant agreement template for low-risk grants which is to be used by all Departments and Agencies to reduce red tape.

The low-risk grant agreement template includes a standard set of 20 terms and conditions and seeks to improve and streamline low-risk grant arrangements by promoting consistency in grant agreements across Government entities.

The Department of Finance said it worked with both Government and non-Government stakeholders in developing the template, including through a whole-of-Government working group, the Australian Government Solicitor and in consultation with peak grant recipient bodies.

The template includes details such as purpose of the grant, duration of the activity, and payment of the grant and invoicing.

Attached to the template is the Commonwealth General Grant Conditions, a standard set of terms and conditions, which apply to all grants using the template.

Standard terms and conditions

To support Agency staff using the template, a risk tool and user guide have also been developed.

The Department of Finance said the risk tool was designed to assist Agency staff to determine whether the low-risk grant agreement template was appropriate for a particular grant/granting activity.

Agency staff were encouraged to use the risk tool before using the Commonwealth low-risk grant agreement template.

According to the Department, the risk tool should be used in conjunction with an Agency's own risk management framework, policies and procedures and relies on the judgment of Agency staff administering the granting activities.

It said risk management was not a static activity and Agency staff should ensure that risk identification and engagement was supported by performance information, procedures and systems that continuously identify and treat emerging risks throughout grants administration processes.

For more information regarding the low-risk grant agreement template or template guidance contact the Grants Policy Team at

For a copy of the template visit this PS News link.

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