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How to be deadly safe online

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is to launch a new Cybersmart program today (4 April 2014) responding to Indigenous community concerns about the impact of social media on family and community relationships.

Tackling cyberbullying, sexting and digital footprint management, Be Deadly Online is Australia's first package of cybersafety resources for Indigenous communities.

The initiative aims to help young people by offering positive, practical advice on being smart online.

The program is made up of a series of short animations, hosted on a specially-created portal within the Cybersmart website.

One of the short videos, That’s not Team Spirit, focuses on “sexies”, “noodz”, “sexts” and “selfies”.

Cybersmart guide for Indigenous community

No matter what they are called, or where you live, young people are sending them, according to Cybersmart.

Once they are out there, you can’t control who will see them or where they’ll end up.

Aimed at Indigenous Australians aged 14 years and older, That’s not Team Spirit is designed to help users understand how their online actions can easily have real life consequences.

The program was created with major contributions from a number of Indigenous communities across Australia, including Yarrabah in North Queensland, regional Victoria and the Mid West Gasgoyne region in Western Australia.

That’s not Team Spirit can be viewed at this PS News link.

More information is available via this PS News link.


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