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Navigate way to better health

A new mobile website will make it easier for people to find out if they are at risk of chronic disease and to access information about local health services.

Funded by the Australian National Preventative Health Agency, Health Navigator is a free online tool that has been designed to help people to maintain good health.

Chief Operations Officer of Metro North Brisbane Medicare Local, Shelley Kleinhans said Health Navigator would also make it easier to navigate local health services.

Ms Kleinhans said Health Navigator put information that could help people make healthier lifestyle choices in the palm of your hand.

New web tool to assess disease risk

"When visiting the site, you will be asked to complete a simple health assessment," she said.

"The questions have been based on the latest clinical evidence and validated by the National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance."

Ms Kleinhans said people would get the most accurate feedback if they could provide height and weight, waist circumference, blood pressure and cholesterol readings, although the last two could be estimated.

"On completion, you will receive a personalised report with your results and information about a range of recommended local health services," she said.

"You can give a copy of your report to your doctor, if you wish. But it's important to note that Health Navigator not designed to replace your usual medical care or the recommendations of your doctor."

Ms Kleinhans said Health Navigator offered North Brisbane and Moreton Bay residents useful, health-related information, not medical advice.

To access Health Navigator, go to this PS News link.

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