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Finance in market for shared IT system

The Department of Finance is approaching the ITC market for expressions of interest in providing a Government-wide content management system (GovCMS) to help eliminate duplicated, fragmented and sub-scale activities across Agencies.

According to the Department, GovCMS will be an important service for Australian Public Service (APS) Agencies and will make use of shared or cloud services where "minimum efficiency scale hurdles are not met".

It says the GovCMS will seek to make it easier for Agencies to comply with policies and standards in areas such as security, accessibility, privacy and Government digital design standards.

Search for Gov't-wide CMS begins

"It represents a tangible implementation of the Government's policy for eGovernment and the Digital Economy," First Assistant Secretary and Procurement Coordinator, John Sheridan (pictured) said.

"Our preference is for Software-as-a-Service on Public Cloud, using Open Source Drupal software," he said.

A website survey conducted by Finance identified upwards of 1,200 websites across the Commonwealth Government, with many small Agencies lacking the resources to meet Commonwealth website standards around security accreditation and ensure accessibility obligations are maintained.

The GovCMS feasibility study outlined three "demand projection" scenarios that range from 182 to 437 websites "on-boarded", or assimilated into the new system.

The proposed GovCMS Service Delivery Framework will guide the planning and delivery of GovCMS service offerings and will apply equally to fully in-sourced service delivery, fully outsourced delivery or co-sourced delivery scenarios.

The Department said it must be ready to go live in September 2014 and must undergo a security assessment as an UNCLASSIFIED system in line with the Australian Government Information Security Manual.

GovCMS intends to allow Agencies to share code, modules and applications to reduce development costs, and to allow the development and support of modules that suit the needs of APS Agencies.

The intention of GovCMS is to also share these with the Drupal community wherever possible, the Department said.

More information is available at this PS News link.

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