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Help for managing staff of all ages

A new guide to assist employers and organisations manage workers of varying age groups has been published by the Federal workers compensation insurer, Comcare.

The Agency has released the guide, Investing in Experience: Working for today and tomorrow, through an interactive website, offering practical advice about how to recruit and retain older workers and helping employers address the challenges of age diversity in the workplace.

"For the first time in Australia we have four generations at work," Comcare said when announcing the new guide.

"Longer and healthier lives provide an opportunity for people to work longer."

Greying workforce prompts Comcare guide

Comcare Scheme Design Director, Christina Bolger said that the guide was part of Comcare's efforts to build manager confidence and workplace systems to promote ability to work.

"Australia's ageing population presents both an opportunity and a challenge for workplaces," she said.

"Leaders and managers need integrated strategies to shift attitudes and age stereotypes and equip workplaces with high-performance work practices that embrace all ages at work.''

Ms Bolger said work provided people with a sense of purpose and meaning.

"We all have a shared responsibility to meet the challenges of four generations at work through better work design, lifelong learning and balancing the demands of work and life," she said.

The development of this guide has been a collaborative effort across the Australian Public Service and is a key initiative from the APS 200 Project: Work Ability and Ageing in the Australian Public Service.

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