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PS leaders urged to develop staff

The Commonwealth Auditor-General has urged public sector leaders to remember to develop their staff and recognise achievements during this time of change.

Speaking at the ACT Division of the Institute of Public Administration Australia's (IPAA) Annual Report Awards Night in Canberra, the Auditor-General, Ian McPhee said all Public Servants appreciated that the present time was a "challenging period" for Agencies and their staff.

"Many Agencies have been through periods of contraction in earlier times, have regrouped and continued to deliver services effectively to the Australian public, and we will see this happen again," Mr McPhee said in his keynote speech.

He said Public Service leaders understood the importance of having effective strategies in place and clear communication with staff on priorities to achieve the Government's policy objectives, while reshaping their organisations and building resilient teams.

'Challenging period', says Auditor

"It is also important that we continue to support the development of staff during this time, and recognise achievements, just as is being done here this evening," Mr McPhee said.

"The future of the Australian Government Public Sector is very much in the hands of many of the people in this room tonight, and people like you, who will continue to play a leading role in delivering frank advice to Government and efficient services to citizens of this nation.

"And, no doubt, we will see references to Agencies' change agendas and staff achievements feature in next year's annual reports, and annual report awards."

The Auditor-General also said it was important to recognise "where we are today depends on the platform built by those who preceded us".

"But more than that, it underlines that we all have a role in improving public administration and the way we deliver core Agency functions," Mr McPhee said.

"We should be eclectic in gathering ideas for better policies, better policy design and better public administration from wherever we can - from our own insights, academics, other agencies, other jurisdictions both in Australia and overseas, and key stakeholder groups, including citizens."

The full speech can be viewed at this PS News link.

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