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New Guide to help with career planning

The Australian Public Service Commission has published a new guide to assist APS employees identify career opportunities and act on them.

A guide to learning on the job in the APS, and making the most of experience-driven development forms part of a series of publications for APS learning practitioners, managers and staff created by the Australian Public Service Commission.

The Commission said the APS Leadership Development Strategy 2011 and APS Core Skills Strategy 2012-13 identified the 70-20-10 principle as a key learning and development principle which supports and facilitated learning where it was most prevalent and most effective - in the workplace.

APSC advice on personal development

As a result, this guide was designed to help people identify and engage in development activities which capitalise on work-based and relationship-based learning opportunities in their workplace.

The Commission said the guide aimed to provide focus and purpose to development efforts by guiding people through five key steps to help identify development needs and implement a plan of action.

The Steps were: identify your learning needs, which takes people through a series of self-reflection questions to help them assess interests, strengths and performance gaps; set your development goals, which would identify the precise knowledge, skills and behaviours requiring development; and select development activities.

The final two steps included in the guide were: create a development action plan, which aims to help organise development goals and chosen activities into a development action plan; and reflect on learning, which includes a series of questions to help reflect on what has been learned.

The Commission said while this guide had been designed for people to navigate independently, they were encouraged to consider involving managers (or another trusted peer or colleague) in the process and, if appropriate, introduce it into formal performance development discussions.

The new guide can be accessed at this PS News link.

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