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Cruises-liner scammers making waves

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority is urging people to beware of a global scam offering overseas residents a Maritime Security Identification Card and Australian visas to gain jobs with cruise companies.

According to the Authority, scammers have been targeting people in several countries via emails offering job opportunities with cruise lines operating in Australia and a relevant visa.

General Manager of Ship Safety Division at AMSA, Allan Schwartz said the Authority became aware of the email scam in October last year and a number of people had reported being targeted by the scam or had been scammed.

AMSA warns on false cards, visas

Mr Schwartz said the email scam offered job opportunities with bogus cruise lines, including Silver Cruise and Princess Line Australia, operating in Australia and a relevant visa on the completion of paperwork of the inaccurately named "Australia Maritime Security Identification Card".

Mr Schwartz said the form sent to those responding to the email was fraudulent but had fooled some with a reasonably sophisticated look.

"The form has AMSA's logo and name at the top and requests a payment, along with scans of passport and identity cards to apply for the identification card," he said.

"AMSA does not issue Maritime Security Identification Cards. Not only will the scam cost people money for something they will never receive but it also risks their personal information."

Mr Schwartz said the scam had also implicated other Australian Federal Government Agencies, non-existent overseas embassies and a local union in a bid to appear authentic but may come in various forms.

He said anyone who receives the scam email or has fallen victim to the scam should contact Police.

Suspected scams can be reported to SCAMwatch, an independent website run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

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