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Border protection awards have the edge

Officers from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) have been recognised for their commitment to protecting Australia's borders through acts of valour and excellence.

Chief Executive of ACBPS, Michael Pezzullo said the CEO Awards recognised the extraordinary lengths Customs and Border Protection officers went to on a daily basis.

"To build a positive culture it is important to publically recognise officers who have acted as exemplars in their duties across all operations in the Service," he said.

Mr Pezzullo said medals, commendations, and citations were conferred to officers in five categories: Bravery, Conspicuous Conduct, Excellence, Innovation, and Health and Safety.

The Bravery awards, which recognises an act of selfless courage, bravery or valour, whereby an individual places themselves in a situation that may result in injury or death while attempting to rescue, protect, or prevent harm to another, was won by Geoffrey Lock.

ACBPS recognises valour, excellence

The Award for Conspicuous Conduct was given to three teams - Ashmore Guardian Patrol; Boarding Team Dampier; and Ocean Protector.

Conspicuous conduct is defined as having demonstrated outstanding dedication to duty in hazardous or adverse circumstances demanding tenacity of a high order.

The CEO Individual Award for Excellence, which is defined as activity and achievements beyond that which is normally expected of an officer and demonstrated personal values of the highest order, was awarded to Vice Admiral David Lance Johnston; Robert Byrne; and Jim Beach.

Paul Flanigan, Andrew Frugtniet , Sharon Nyakuengama, Neil Sugget, David Vosnakes, Michael Perry, Cheong (Alec) Tan and David Jones received the CEO Individual Commendation for Excellence.

The CEO Team Commendation for Excellence was awarded to DGM Victoria Firearms.

The CEO Award for Innovation recognises activity that results in the design, development, modification or creation of a product, service or process that represents either a significant improvement on the product, service or process that preceded it, or is a new product, service or process that benefits the Service.

The CEO Individual Commendation for Innovation was awarded to Mark McDonald and Mark Wilson.

The CEO Team Commendation for Health and Safety went to Team Sydney, Kingsford Smith Airport.

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