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APSC prepares PS for change

The Australian Public Service Commission's (APSC) Strategic Centre for Leadership, Learning and Development has launched two training packages to address dealing with change.

The Australian Public Service (APS) Dealing with Change and APS Planning and Managing Change learning programs adopt best practice and have been developed as a result of extensive consultation and research across the APS, according to the APSC.

Dealing with change was identified as a core skills priority, and planning and managing change as a management skills priority, in the APS Leadership and Core Skills Strategy 2012-13.

"The program materials have been designed for APS-wide use, while at the same time allowing Agencies to contextualise to their Agency's needs," APSC said.

Two training packages launched

The learning materials available for download include booklets, workbooks, an on-the-job guide, facilitators guide, a PowerPoint slide and evaluation slides.

Both programs are included in a single Learning Design Standard and Implementation Guide which are available for download.

Videos are also available on request by emailing

The APSC said Agencies had several options when selecting a facilitator to deliver the workshop component of a program.

An Agency can source a suitably qualified facilitator from within their own Agency, or by using their own procurement process; or an Agency can source a suitably qualified facilitator from the APSC's Learning and Development Panel, the APSC said.

The Strategic Centre has compiled a list of providers who have been quality assured to supply suitable facilitators.

More information is available on by emailing

Alternatively, the APSC supports Agencies with the delivery of this program in-house and by hosting the programs at the Commission.

The learning materials are available for download via the "APSC Core Skills Reference Group" section on the secure Govdex site at this PS News link.

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